Steve Thornley's Drum Tuition Programme
Steve Thornley's Drum Tuition Programme
If you're after a drum tutor for yourself or someone in your family and you live in the south-east of England, you've come to the right place. Welcome.
Steve Thornley has been a professional drum tutor since he left Dartington College of Arts with a Bachelor of Arts music degree with Honours in 1993 and, in that time, has helped literally hundreds of young (and some not quite so young) budding drummers reach their full potential on the drum kit. For some, this means playing in a band. For others, it's taking grades. Whatever a student's motivation and aspiration, Steve is renowned for his ability to shape a teaching programme to the individual student, whilst ensuring key skills are not overlooked.
So many things make Steve's teaching practice unique. From his bi-annual Drum Awards Ceremony (pictured from 2006, right), a live multi-media event where his most promising drummers put on a live show for family and friends, to his online reporting system, which keeps students and parents in touch with progress on a lesson-by-lesson basis, to his exclusive online shop offering student discounts on essential drumming supplies. Everything Steve does is designed to ensure that learning the drums is as much fun and as rewarding as possible without costing the earth.
Many people are happy to concur:
"Thank you so much for your excellent tuition and guidance. I have finally found something that Ryan genuinely looks forward to each week!" Mrs Chaloner, mother of Ryan Chaloner.
"Steve's support of three of his pupils last year who were taking GCSE music resulted in excellent music GCSE grades. All got A/A* for their performing coursework (drum solo, ensemble piece and drum exam piece) all of which Steve helped to prepare." Ms Miller, Head of Music, Worthing High School.
"I love your enthusiasm and commitment. Your patience with Rhys is commendable." Mrs Turrell, mother of Rhys Turrell.
"Mark said he has you and Miss Robinson to thank for his 'A' grade in music. He feels you influenced and helped a great deal. I think these comments say a lot about your teaching." Mrs Austin, mother of Mark Austin.
"I would advise any child with dyslexia to take up drums with you as you are so able with Henry." Mrs Lammas, mother of Henry Lammas.
"The most efficient and effective use of 30 minutes tuition time delivered with such enthusiasm!" Mrs Blair, mother of Fergus Blair.
Numerous studies have shown the enormous benefit to the developing mind of learning a musical instrument. Areas such as concentration, co-ordination, language and social skills - the list is almost endless - show demonstrable improvement in student musicians. Coupled to this, increasingly, university admissions departments are looking for evidence of skills outside of the core subject areas to justify offering a place to one candidate over another with, otherwise, similar qualifications. The truth, put simply, is this: learning a musical instrument gives you a head-start in life. And what better instrument to learn than the drums!
Steve teaches in schools in West Sussex and in students' homes throughout Sussex and Surrey. Places are very limited and offered on a first-come-first-served basis. If you would like to apply for tuition please click the 'Apply Now' button below.